Compañía de Vinos La Zorra

Compañía de Vinos La Zorra wines is the project of Olga Martin and Agustín Maillo, two young people passioned for wine who grew up in Cepeda and Mogarraz, where in every house homemade wine were produced, and continued his love affair with it in the Mirasierra restaurant, where they work as lounge manager and sommelier.

The idea is making unique wines, wines with which can show the world the vast palette of shades that can be given in a land so relatively small as is our Sierra de Francia. Based on differing soils (slate, sand, clay), through its various microclimates, which underlies a wide variety of flora, and especially with our grape variety for excellence, the Rufete, we want to make wines that are identified with the Sierra, and when someone taste them feel that they are something different than what is already known or established. Wines with soul.

We want our project contributes to the sustainability of the Sierra. Therefore, relying on the good work of wine growers, we ensure the maintenance of the laborious old vineyards that are on the hillsides. Most of the vineyards with which we make our wines were planted between 1925 and 1950 and are of Rufete, Tinto Aragones (Tempranillo) and Garnacha varieties, fully integrated into the environment.

La Zorra (The Fox) wines takes its curious name from the fable “The Fox and the Grapes” that the writter from Laguardia (Álava) – also good wine area – Felix Maria Samaniego, adapted from the original Aesop’s fables. In the fable, a fox saw a bunch of grapes and try to catch it. Realizing that it is too high, despised them saying “They are not mature!”. The moral of the story is that humans often pretend to despise what we secretly crave and believe unattainable.

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